Player Ranking

Player Ranking

Fernando Revilla-Small Forward1061380134014518
Jose GonzalezCOBRASShooting Guard61110024042334
Devon Van OostrumCOBRASPoint Guard, Shooting Guard311060207134175935
Domantas SeskusCOBRASPoint Guard148506049280073
David Orrit SerranoCOBRASPoint Guard169300049145723
Ruben Perea GonzalezCOBRASShooting Guard00101000010002
TJ WrightCOBRASCenter20100011000201
Juan Miguel Lopez MunozCOBRASPoint Guard, Shooting Guard410310024030212
Mohamed el YetteftiCOBRASCenter10510003001402
Jose Antonio Medina AldanaCOBRASPoint Guard21144050375130067
Juan Pedro JimenezCOBRASForward152721046291214
Javier FernandezCOBRASPoint Guard01100000020002
Sam Van OostrumCOBRASShooting Guard, Small Forward341012410081951636513
Alex JacksonCOBRASForward, Small Forward72330023003604
Matt TreacyCOBRASForward71301036041222
Toby ChristensenCOBRASForward1675220710032439
Thomas YomeCOBRASPoint Guard, Shooting Guard02301002020050
Callum CulrossCOBRASCenter50411023001423
Michael RodriguezCOBRASPoint Guard00000000000000
Jamie McgrailCOBRASPoint Guard43200024010011
Victor ChernodoliaCOBRASShooting Guard01000002010010
Sam BuxtonCOBRASForward00101001000000
Adrian Mateos PeñaCOBRASShooting Guard50000011110001
Michael OkaforCOBRASCenter2229125291302412313
Hugo Sanchez-Shooting Guard00000000000000
David Stachovskij-Center41200212002313
Alejandro GarciaCOBRASForward51011002122210
Vladimer TavakarashviliCOBRASForward64331013084464
EBRIMA JASSEY DEMBA-Point Guard134721034231313
Lucas Antunez-Point Guard, Shooting Guard151351024352411
Rubén Salas-Center2305201610362231
Maodo NguiraneCOBRASCenter51112312242539001778
Carlos Hidalgo GuijoCOBRASPoint Guard53102012110034
Javi Marín-Point Guard2414432038593644
Rafael Casanova-Forward, Shooting Guard5081125012255231118105
Jose Roberto Tanchyn-Center, Small Forward61410035010001
Julio de Assis-Small Forward161532157123724
Jacob Hoffman-Forward, Shooting Guard22220013020004
Eric Kibi-Small Forward711200311001204
Mario García-Small Forward20000012000002
Emilio Damián Martínez-Point Guard, Shooting Guard178112011453444
Kai Walker-Forward81500045010031
Josh Steel-Shooting Guard3338230498151223
Joaquin Reyes-Forward2517100694111125
Andriy Grystak-Shooting Guard2639731710383426
Will Perry-Point Guard3365150712314101426
Stevie LinaresGATORSPoint Guard, Shooting Guard30001000120010
Lucas McGregor-Point Guard, Shooting Guard2559232717111812910
Baptiste Chazelas-Center18313501811002835
Kevin Navarro-Shooting Guard27736406134223574
Callum Viñales-Center00010000000000
Jeffrey Godspower-Center, Small Forward2161412036590043
Juan Hierrezuelo-Small Forward1419330611062236
Ismael CorralizaDUCKSPoint Guard, Shooting Guard1964134461781014
Joshua Dennis-Forward, Shooting Guard30221012001625
Jeremy Burright-Shooting Guard16510120818040055
Ismael Tamba-Small Forward1817121812022336
Diamond Onwuka-Forward140731125391453
Bernard Edopayi-Shooting Guard134412039231124
Alberto Saiz-Small Forward1415110144110022
Jorge Parrondo-Small Forward100631035131333
Prince Orizu-Center00000000000000
José Alberto JimenezDUCKSForward372723059611910235
Sebastian CassagliaDUCKSSmall Forward01000000000000
LOUIS DALMEDO-Center, Forward00000000000000
Luis Rueda-Point Guard148022034252423

For legal information please visit the Pro League TERMS. Damex has the discretion to make changes to any event(s) relating to the Pro League and reserves the full rights of admission.

General Information

'Damex' and '' are registered business names and the intellectual property of Digital Asset Management Limited a company registered in Gibraltar. The 'Damex Pro League' or 'Damex Pro Basketball League' are marks and the intellectual property of the Damex group of companies. The Damex Pro League is organised by Pulse Limited for and on behalf of Damex Entertainment Limited, a company registered in Gibraltar and controlled by the Damex group. The Damex Pro Basketball League is a private basketball league hosted by the Damex group.

Covid 19 and Force Majeure

Covid-19 has caused a number of regulations to be released by the Government of Gibraltar under Gibraltar’s Civil Contingencies Act 2007 since the beginning of 2020 to regulate a range of matters to suppress the spread and effect of Covid-19 on individuals and society in Gibraltar. Such regulations have been changing at rapid pace on a daily basis and include regulations on the limitation of travel restrictions into or from Gibraltar, public and private gathering, sporting events, various liberties, face masks and more. As a result, the Government of Gibraltar may release further regulations at any time that may affect the conduct of the Tournament and Damex may be required to vary the terms of this agreement from time to time as a result of any changes to legislation in respect of Covid-19.

Any future changes that may take place are not likely to be in Damex’s reasonable control and therefore any attendee or guest to any event(s) agrees to hold Damex free from any liability as a result of any changes to this agreement following legislative changes introduced by the Government of Gibraltar or other competent authority insofar as they relate to Covid-19 health measures or a similar epidemiological event.

You also agree to hold Damex free from any liability as a result of Damex’s delay in performing or failure to perform any of its obligations under this agreement, in the recommendation of any accommodation facilities, having access to third party accommodation facilities or holding the Tournament where any such delay or failure to perform may result from events, circumstances or causes beyond Damex’s reasonable control including but not limited to where such events, circumstances or causes may be as a result of legislative changes introduced by the Government of Gibraltar insofar as they relate to Covid-19 health measures and restrictions.

In the event that Damex may be delayed in performing or shall fail to perform any of its obligations under this agreement as a result of any force majeure event described herein in this clause 5 of the agreement, Damex may at its sole discretion decide to reimburse participants or guests for the whole or part of any participation or other fee in relation to the Tournament. Damex also retains the right at its sole discretion to issue a credit note, cancel the Tournament, change the date of the Tournament or delay any part of the Tournament as a result of a Force Majeure event without notice.