Damex ProLeague:

Gibraltar will be hosting the Damex ProLeague from 26th June to 2nd July 2022 at the Tercentenary Hall. This International basketball tournament is the first of its kind, with high profile professional players from Europe, USA, Canada and Gibraltar all taking part. The tournament will consist of a total of 18 competitive games, all with its own entertainment and a chance to see and support these elite players. The games will be live streamed through a series of International channels to basketball enthusiasts around the world. A total of 9000 tickets will be on sale.

Who we are:

Damex is a locally raised Gibraltar Cryptocurrency business with over 50 employees and with much potential for further growth. It is very proud of its roots and wishes to share their vision of Damex Proleague with the people of Gibraltar and are fully committed to give back and share their success with the community. DamexProLeague is just the beginning!

Our Mission:

By setting up an elite level tournament in Gibraltar such as the Damex ProLeague we are aiming to:

  • ●  Enhance Gibraltar’s basketball profile.
  • ●  Provide a tournament of excellence to be enjoyed by the community.
  • ●  Place elite players on show to inspire future generations.
  • ●  Develop and encourage our youth through a series of training workshops